Inspection of goods – non-engineering commodities

The company can provide all services related to the inspection of the following commodities:

Raw materials imported and exported for the chemical, textile, wood-working and leather industry

  • sampling and analysis
  • all-round evaluation of quality
  • visual assessment
  • inspection of weight and tare
  • inspection of loading and unloading
  • verification of claims


  • glass, porcelain, textile goods (yard goods, clothes, footwear, toys, leather haberdashery, furniture)
  • inspection during production
  • inspection of the quality of finished goods
  • inspection of quantity

Food, food industry and animal products, livestock

Verification of the quality and quantity of imported and exported goods:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • canned goods, dried and condensed milk
  • cocoa, coffee, tea, spices, alcohol
  • flour, sugar, fats, edible oils
  • hops, malt, grain products, animal feed
  • inventory control - quantity and quality inspections of agro products in silos and warehouses for banks according to warehouse debenture bonds (SZL)
  • products from game, animals raised for slaughter, poultry and fish

Issuing of inspection certificates with international validity for use in

  • contractual documentation
  • documents for courts when settling complaints and arbitration proceedings
  • insurance documents
  • assessment of the quality of goods according to applicable domestic and international standards


 Inspection carried out continuously, 24 hours a day:

  • inspection of the condition and quality of shipments in wagons
  • inspection of the weight of goods and the weighing of shipments in wagons
  • inspection of the weight of goods and the weighing of wagons
  • taking of samples and the performance of physical and chemical analyses (e.g. iron ore, coal)
  • cleanliness and suitability inspection of wagons
  • measurement of radioactivity


  • tally inspections
  • taking of samples and performance of physical and chemical analyses
  • inspection of quantity and quality of shipments in barges
  • cleanliness inspection of barges
  • establishment of weight by draught survey
  • inspections in various harbours in Europe and around the world

Inspections in the area of credit transactions

INSPEKTA SLOVAKIA, a.s., as an independent third party enters into relationship lender (commercial banks, insurance companies, government agencies and bodies) and borrower (the company carrying out the order) to track spending credit funds for a specific project in accordance with pre-defined schedule. Our experts perform an initial audit, which consists of check-in control in order to identify and examine the current state of contract completion and the overall material assurance of production. Further they examine the production schedule including its nodal points and stages. On the basis of regular reports sent to the lender it is decided whether to release additional funds for the actual project or not.

An audit can be also focused on:

  • assessment of budgets at various technologies
  • assessment of the increase in initial budget
  • assessment of deadline feasibility of the investment completion
  • monitoring utilization of credit funds provided to the given project (specific loan)

INSPEKTA SLOVAKIA, a.s., offers its top experts – highly qualified and skilled engineers for superintending and inspection services. Our inspectors have gained a wealth of experience over many years inspecting various commodities and projects. They are ready at all times to carry out inspections according to your requirements and for your satisfaction. The result of inspection is the issuing of a certificate or report in requested language confirming the quality and quantity of the inspected goods or describing the updated state of project implementation.