Our company was created by act of the National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic on 23.9.1956 as INSPEKTA š.p., a state enterprise under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Trade with its registered office in Prague.

Since its establishment, our organisation has operated as an independent international organisation for the inspection of goods and services of all kinds. Inspekta's experience derives from carrying out a wide range of activities in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Inspekta has also developed its activities through cooperation and contacts with foreign inspection organisations and the establishment of its own representations and offices in various countries of the world.

In July 1990 the company was transformed into a joint stock company. Since then the company has been known as Inspekta a.s. with its registered office in Prague.

After the break up of Czechoslovakia, INSPEKTA Slovakia a.s. was established in Slovakia with its registered office in Bratislava. It was established on 1.1.1993.

The current management continuously enhances the company's reputation by applying the most modern management methods.

Inspekta's long term experience has also brought it success in the domestic market in recent years. INSPEKTA Slovakia a.s. has specialised experts and inspectors able to provide customers with services on a professional level in accordance with applicable legislation.

The range of commodities that we inspect includes food products, agricultural products, fertilisers, wood, the products of the textile, rubber and engineering industries and also inspection of raw materials such as coal, ore and the like.

Another area is the inspection of investment units and inspections for insurance companies.

An important element in the services of INSPEKTA Slovakia a.s. consists of advisory services for managements systems, which is based mainly on training and consultation activities. As early as 1990, Inspekta a.s. had a quality systems section, which began to develop its activities under a contract with Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA).

Our company's chief vision for its future is to increase the quality of the services it provides and thereby improve its cooperation with our domestic and foreign partners.
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